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Ingrid Elkner crafts beautiful songs out of the bodies of a ukulele or a guitar.
Having busked on Hollywood Boulevard, and balladeered in Berlin, she can turn a growly Nirvana song into a heartbreaker, and a passer-by into a cheeky accomplice. Her lyrics are raw, voice full of fire, and her melodies stay with you long after you get home.

  • Alternative solo music

  • Pop music writing

  • Kids songs



Artists I've worked with -
Benjamin Derclaye (Belgian producer) - writing lyrics and melody
Pablo Ortiz (Mexican artist) - English interpretation of Spanish lyrics
Vaulted Needles (Belgian rock band) - melody and rewriting lyrics
Driftwood - melody, lyrics, and music for my former acoustic duo
And for my own songwriting projects


I've also written parody songs for musical plays, and for cabaret/burlesque, including for other performers.

Kids songwriting

Alternative solo music

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